About Tvededestrand municipality

Tvedestrand is a city and municipality in the county of Agder, Norway. Tvedestrand municipality lies between the towns of Arendal to the southwest and Risør to the northeast. The municipality also borders the municipalities of Arendal, Risør, Froland, Åmli, and Vegårshei. About 6 000 people live in Tvedestrand. 

The town itself lies at the end of a picturesque fjord, Tvedestrandfjorden, which is the name for the inner part of the Oksefjorden (originally Ufsefjorden, meaning the fjord with steep, rocky sides). The municipality also encompasses the islands Borøy, Sandøya, and Askerøya as well as the unique village of Lyngør which lies on several small islands. Lyngør was acclaimed "Europe's best preserved village" by Europa Nostra in 1991. Lyngør Lighthouse is located by the village. Tvedestrand municipality includes 162 islands, with a collected coastline of 214 kilometres (133 mi). 

The river Storelva, one of the Southern Coast's best salmon and sea trout rivers, flows past the Næs jernverk and ultimately out into the Sandnesfjorden.


Norway has three levels of government. The Central Government and Parliament at national level, the County Authorities (fylkeskommune) at regional level, and the Municipalities at a local level.

The Municipalities

The Municipalities are responsible for a variety of services like Day Care facilities, Child welfare, Primary and Secondary schools, Public Libraries, Primary health care, care for the elderly and disabled, Fire Departments, harbours, municipal roads, water supply, sewerage, garbage collection and disposal, organisation of land use within the municipality e.g. the laying out of land for industrial or commercial use, or housing.

The Counties

The Counties of Norway represent the regional level. They are amongst other responsible for dental services and high schools (16-18). You can read more about Agder County Municipality on their website.